Welcome, the three people I invited to read this.

So Kristine – I lied to you the other day. I pretended like I didn’t already have a blog. According to the internet, I’ve had this blog since November 16. This is your going-away present…I’m bloggin’.

I apologize for the sucky design, but apparently customizing a blog takes effort so….

Here’s my embarrassing story for the day.

Last night, I attended the cook off between the French and Italian club (definitely thought I was gonna meet my future Italian-speaking husband there, but alas). One of the French club leaders announced the date for cheese night as I was standing next to a girl I had just met.

Girl: OH EM GEE, cheese night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m putting it in my calendar RIGHT NOW.
Me: Oh, is that a good activity?
Me: No….
Girl: I can tell you’re a freshman, so I’m gonna help you out.
Me: I’m actually graduating in June…


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