I turned 22 on April 23. (If another person starts singing that wretched Taylor Swift song, I will be sad.)

And I had the best birthday yet! (Which apparently is an exaggeration of the day’s events, because when I told Dallas that she said, “…Really?” with a huge dose of incredulity. But my birthdays are usually lame, okay?)

There aren’t any pictures to prove it, but my awesome day comprised the following:

1. Sleeping in
2. Not having school
3. Receiving twenty-two of the sweetest texts ever from Kenzie
4. Lunch with Maggie
5. Adorable shirt from Maggie that I have now worn twice in a row
6. No work
7. Doing nothing
8. Going to the grocery store
9. Making chicken Parmesan that was better than my mom’s (that’s probably a first and last)
10. Watching Gladiator with some of my favorite people–a few first-timers and some old hands
11. Making a fire at Kiwanis Park and roasting s’mores

For me, that’s a recipe for happiness. Any day that ends with me smelling like campfire is a good one. And every day is a good one around here, thanks to my wonderful loved ones.

Sorry, no sassy remarks today!


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