Dream Journal #2: Plus d’amour

Nathanael  and I were driving in the car when I received a text from a boy who at one point in our (real) lives was pursuing me. He apologized profusely for not having joined our wedding group on Facebook, but he wanted to inform me that he just accepted the invite and would be at our reception. He also notified me that all of the numbers people had written on the wall were wrong (numbers instead of addresses? I don’t know).

Then suddenly, Nathanael and I had arrived at our destination — Alpine Village. We were somehow moving there as a couple. Maggie and Kenzie were there and we all hung out in a really cool lounge/clubhouse that doesn’t exist (LoveSacs and pool tables galore!) when my insurance company called to ask why I was moving back to Alpine Village. I was trying to explain to them how much I loved it when I was single when all of a sudden, a girl I knew in high school (with like two feet of added height) was approaching Nathanael and I. I immediately hung up on my insurance company and I was glad I did because, guess what??? She was asking us to be on THE cheer squad. The cheer squad of what, I’m not sure, but THE CHEER SQUAD, people!!!! She told us that they needed two more people to complete their formation and since the performance was just a short while away, they wanted two coordinated people who already had chemistry with each other and she immediately thought of us. I was jumping up and down saying, “THAT WOULD BE SO FUN!!!!!” but Nathanael kept saying, “No. We aren’t going to do that. We’re just not going to do that.” She was persistent though, and told him the hardest thing we’d have to do would be the splits (and out of nowhere five cheerleaders appeared and demonstrated how easy that was) and since we had a couple weeks to practice, it should be no problem. But that party pooper Nathanael (this dream Nathanael is quite different from up-for-anything, loves-gymnastics Nathanael) insisted that we couldn’t. But sadly, I never found out if we ended up being on the cheer squad because I woke up.


But doesn’t that sound sort of fun? Dancing with and being tossed into the air by your future husband? I’m down.


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