Dream Journal #4: Jurassic Park 5

I had a dream that I lived underground in a small community—sort of in a District 13/The Host/that one fairy movie I really liked when I was little sort of way. The only person who actually made any kind of starring role was one of my coworkers. It’s really awkward having dreams about those people. But hey, we do see each other for 8 hours every day and they’re all pretty cool so… I’m fine with it.

Anyway, so there we were, living peacefully post-apocalyptic and stuff when all of a sudden, the thing we were all subconsciously dreading happened: a T-Rex had found a way into our underground village.

There was running, screaming, and I guess dying because shortly it was just my coworker and I left. We were sprinting down the hallway and it was just like a movie—somehow the humans were outrunning the powerful animal (which, by the way, was about 10 times bigger than a normal T-Rex), the dinosaur was crashing through walls, not being able to turn corners sharply. We finally slipped through a small doorway into a cavern where we were safe. For now.

The T-Rex couldn’t fit through the small entry way to the cavern, but put his snout and eye right next to the hole (naturally), trying to fit one of his claws through. He was shaking the infrastructure of the cave, causing dust and pebbles to fall from the ceiling and rattle on the floor. All seemed lost as we backed up against the far wall to escape the reach of his abnormally long claw. I looked desperately at my coworker, who looked as if suddenly struck by inspiration when, tout d’un coup

Nathanael’s alarm woke me up. After falling back asleep, I had a dream about swimming in a really creepy version of the Provo Rec Center.

Good times.


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