Life, Marriage, Pictures


Pictures as of late. I hear a picture is worth a thousand words or something crazy like that.

Picture 1: Blurry Disneyland is better than no Disneyland. | Picture 2: King Arthur’s Carousel
Picture 3: No explanation needed. | Picture 4: Just trying to get some candid pictures of Nathanael. He hates them.

Photoland 1

Picture 5: Me at the Newport Beach Temple | Picture 6: The man I am going to be married to forever.

Photoland 2

Picture 7: I’m on a seal. | Picture 8: Making Nathanael practice no teeth. | Picture 9: 1 part tomato, 1 part grain, 1 part dairy.
Picture 10: My score (plus an L?) | Picture 11: His score | Picture 12: My payment for putting up pictures of Nathanael.

Photoland 3

Picture 13: Surfing selfie. | Picture 14: We surfed, people. I surfed.

Photoland 4

Picture 15: The Neils, just a pair of artists. | Picture 16: Nathanael thinks he’s bad at drawing and is obviously wrong. | Picture 17: The fun new ride in Disneyland (pro tip: get fast passes for this one the second you enter in the morning).

Photoland 5


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