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Wedding Why? — The Man


Okay, so not that many people have asked me why I wanted to marry Nathanael (because once they meet him, they comprehend immediately) . . . But I want to talk about him.


Photo by Sarah Waggoner.

I wanted to marry Nathanael because he makes my work ethic look like that of a 40-year-old gamer living with his parents. He is kind, intelligent, and handsome. He is at times softspoken and at times outspoken. He subdued my suspicious heart because he was never afraid—never too afraid to ask me on a date (but just afraid enough to be nervous about it), never too afraid to commit, never too afraid to adore me.

Wedding 1

Photo on the left: Brooke Schultz. Photo on the right: Sarah Waggoner.

He’s athletic, strong, and outrageously handsome. He is devoted to our beliefs, and helpful to a fault. His intentions are always pure and his communication skills are impressive. He is the manly ying to my womanly yang. Our differences have forged a powerful bond.

“Until the end of all time, I will stay with you.”
—John Legend


Photo by Brooke Schultz.


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