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Wedding Why? — The Draper Temple

As with any wedding, Nathanael and I had our fair share of scheduling conflicts. Most of ours were caused by the Draper Temple being closed for cleaning during some opportune wedding dates for our guests, which led everyone to question why on earth I was so passionately committed to being sealed there (as opposed to another temple, because they do perform the same wonderful ordinance after all).


Gorgeous photos taken by Brooke Schultz.


Here’s why: when I was a senior in high school, the Draper Temple had just been completed and was open for an open house. I had never had the opportunity to attend a temple open house before, and I expected to see gorgeous white rooms and to feel the peace of the Holy Ghost. So as my Young Women’s group was shuffling through the line and approached the sealing room, I was absolutely unprepared for the feelings I would have there. We walked into the sealing room* and enormous emotions I couldn’t fathom overtook me and I started weeping. Instantly. It wasn’t until another open house a couple months later (Oquirrh Mountain Temple) that I realized how unique that was for me. At that open house, I approached the sealing room with a little trepidation, believing that I was about to burst into waterworks. But as soon as we passed through the doors, I felt nothing. Well, nothing more than the awesome peace everyone else was feeling.

It was because of this and several experiences while doing baptisms for the dead at the Draper Temple that led me to have an unwavering knowledge that I should be married there. I don’t know why—maybe it was so we could have the wonderful sealer we were blessed with, maybe it was because several of my ancestors come from Draper, maybe it was to heal the memories associated with a city where I had an awful job. I don’t know, but there you have it. I don’t regret it at all :).

*This was the room where later I would not be sealed, but where Nathanael and I were oriented by the sealer pre-ceremony, so it’s a little bit special :).


I took zis picture.

For anyone considering getting sealed in an LDS temple (or wondering what you need to do to be able to), I promise that any difficult preparation you experience will be worth it. 100%.

Plus, is there anything more romantic than a man openly proclaiming his desire and commitment to be with you forever, no matter what? I think not.



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