Life, Pictures


Pictures of us doin’ stuff.

#1: The Neil brothers pre-biathlon. How manly are they??? (I know they’re blurry. I still like it.) | #2: Working out my soul while they were working out their bodies. Maggie gave me that beautiful edition of Les Mis and I am adoring it.
#3: Crossing the finish line!!! | #4: Us at a volleyball game with my family. But more importantly, my dad being my dad (look for bunny ears that didn’t quite make it all the way into the picture).

Collage 1

#5: I received a series of 20 selfies just like this one from Sister Larsen as a wedding present. |
#6: Moroni!!!!

Collage 2

#7-8: So Nathanael helps me make dinner every night, but this night he completely took the reins and planned the whole thing. It was sweet and delicious.

Collage 3

#9: Filming our YouTube series at work. | #10: Blogs have this problem—all the pictures are of when the author looks her very cutest. I don’t want my blog to have that problem, so here’s a selfie of when I was sick, miserable, and not cute at all. Shoutout to my mom, dad, and Nathanael for taking such good care of me!

Collage 4

#11: Jammin’ with Andy Grammer and the other people who wanted to sit down. | #12: Proof that we were there.
#13:  MY MOM GOT ME JELLY SANDALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and N is teaching me to longboard. | #14: Spring in mom’s garden.

Collage 5

#15: Easter egg hunt prizes at work. I almost threw away the candy, but then I remember poor, deprived Nathanael said “I miss candy.” But he could only eat two pieces because he’s not used to it. I’m winning!!! (Also, it might interest you to know that one of the rules of our hunt was that we [8 adults] had to hop around like bunnies. It was hilarious.)
#16: Adorable Easter cookies my cute coworker made for us!

Collage 6

I hope you’re all enjoying the gorgeous month of April as much as I am! Happy Easter, friends!

Oh, and one more thing. As a birthday present to me (I guess I’m soliciting for presents now), please watch this video. It is simply the most important message.


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