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My Strange Addiction

Anyone who knows me well knows that I love almost nothing more than reading a good book. Even fewer things rank higher than a quality story with a beautiful (preferably slightly dilapidate) cover. That trite saying, you know the one—you can’t judge a book by its cover—bothers me a little because hello, of course I will choose the attractive, well-designed book over the ugly one. (Yeah, yeah, I know that aphorism is really supposed to help us not judge other people, which is totally a good thing. But books are objects. Go ahead and judge them, I say.) And with the plethora of wholesome literature in gorgeous, aging packaging available in the French and German sections of the BYU library, can you blame me?

Soooo one time Nathanael let me loose in there while he went and swam. I left with over 60 pictures of books on my phone. . . . I’m not sure when my love qualifies as an addiction. For all you other bibliophiles, I invite you to feast your eyes.

*Note: I am not, nor will I ever pretend to be, a photographer. I was actually somewhat startled when I realized that there I was, taking multiple pictures in a public place. I don’t have photo-artistic abilities, my iPhone lens is dusty, and I don’t care to edit much. But the books are beautiful themselves (with, obviously, a few standard filters here and there).

6414796_origBooks 13524076

Books 2Books 3Books 4That book in the middle up there ^ had never been checked out. There was something about that empty due date chart (where the librarians stamp the due date for whomever checks it out) that made me want desperately to read it. But alas, I can no longer check out books from good ole BYU. Buuuuuut I’d take that over being ungraduated any day.


Books 5Books 6Isn’t there something about dusty books that kind of makes you sad? Who doesn’t want to read the Oeuvres de Stendhal?



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