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If you’ve ever lived in Utah, you know how the months of April, May, and June go! Wedding after wedding. Buuuut this year it’s a bunch of family and friends, which means we get to go on road trips! If you’re a wedding-hater, there are other pictures too. Hardly.

#1: Let’s start off with a huge picture because this is monumental—EMILY IS PUBLICLY DISPLAYING AFFECTION. I know it was her wedding and all, but I was still surprised. It was sooooo sweet and she and her eternal companion are beautiful.


#2: Anna and I hamming it up. | #3: That girl in the middle there is my long lost twin. We have the same voice, mannerisms, and inflection. At least, that’s what everyone tells us :). I’m flattered, because I thought she was rad!
#4: Loverrrrrs | #5: Lovers again.

Emily's WeddingThe THREE happy couples from this past week. #6: Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Johnson | #7: Mr. and Mrs. Dallin Lemich | #8: Mr. and Mrs. Josh Caskey

Spring Weddings#9: We moved out of our first apartment and we were sad to see it go :(. | #10: Our first couple selfie in front of our first front door. Thanks for letting us take over your basement, Justine and Riley! We couldn’t have asked for better roommates!!
#11: At Sydney’s awesome outdoor reception. | #12: So my hair’s in my face, wanna fight? Nathanael looked better in this one okay?

Apartment Reception Temple#13: Last, but certainly not least, Nathanael looking a little less-than-Caucasian, if you know what I mean. Can’t wait for this summer when we move to California for him to get even browner.



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