Cream Cheese Makes Everything Better

As many of you know, I try to eat healthy, but my idea of health has nothing to do with calories. Do people even count those anymore? To me, healthy food is food as close to how God made it as possible. I have no scientific knowledge to back this up however, so if you want a well-researched argument, you should probably look elsewhere. Somebody help me out? Michelle?

Anywhozen. I have no idea if cream cheese falls into what I consider healthy and what I don’t (I get the feeling like it would if it weren’t processed, buuut I’m pretty sure the Philadelphia garbage I buy is crazy processed). But for this recipe, frankly, my dear, I DON’T GIVE A DARN.*

I don’t want to be that person who puts recipes on her blog. But people, it’s THAT good. My little sister (who is almost as picky as I was at her age) even requests it.

Here’s the first version. It’s a lasagne and it’s delicious. Although it’s harder than the second version, there’s something so satisfying about making a lasagne. And that’s lasagne with an E because Nathanael told me to.

Here’s the second version. It’s pasta made in a pot and it’s also delicious and easier. Take your pick. Also, I’m only 90% sure this is the exact one I used….However, I definitely did not add broccoli or spinach and I don’t recommend that you do. LEAVE CREAM CHEESE ALONE, vegetables. You can be on the side with some poppy seed dressing. That’s where you belong. 


*Unashamedly censoring famous movie quotes since 1991.


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