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You will NEVER guess what I’m going to blog about. MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If there’s one thing on I pride myself on being, it’s original. Hence why I blog, get national holidays off of work, and take pictures. 

But before we get off to the vacation stuff, let’s take a look at life at the Neil Residence (which is really just the Ballantyne Residence, because yeah, we live with my parents [temporarily]. But not like I’m complaining; my mom treats us like royalty!)

#1: WARNING: This photo might spontaneously combust from all the cuteness contained therein. | #2: My husband knows exactly how to cheer me up.

husband and catimg_1600

Okay, onto all the outdoorsy, relaxing, holiday celebratin’ stuff. We went to Lava Hot Springs, ID, with Nathanael’s awesome cousins and their (even more) awesome wives (hey, I’m biased toward anyone who waits outside the dressing room while I try on 15+ items—thanks, Sarah!).

First and foremost, I golfed. I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

#3: The athletes participating in a pre-game putting warm-up. | 


#4: Do you see that person laying down on the left? That’s me. This accurately describes how thrilling I found golf to be (i.e. not thrilling at all. Like, seriously. Who invented this stuff?)


#5-6: My husband, the golf pro.


 #7: This man is the reason I try new things.


#8: This fine group of good-looking people is my new family. As if I didn’t already like them enough, they treated me to a superb weekend of laying out, zooming down waterslides, and eating delicious food and they didn’t even mind when I wanted to read instead of play baseball (incidentally, I really like baseball, but I’m thisclose to finishing Les Mis!). They’re keepers, I tell ya. And Sarah took basically all of these pictures. I love being able to count on someone to get good pictures of our activities.


#9: We had a little incident on the road home, but thank goodness for boys who know about cars! And for the pleasant company of Brooke and Jacob who can talk about baby names for hours.



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