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Blogging Devotion

This post may be rhetorically worthless, but on this the Sabbath day I wanted to share some blogs that have greatly increased my faith. Isn’t it crazy how a blog can do that? You’ll understand if you take a look at these, though.


Desiring God:
I LOVE THIS BLOG. Let’s just say, that if the Gospel hadn’t been restored, I would want to join this church (probably because they believe in nearly the same principles as the LDS church teaches). This blog has not yet failed to refresh my faith. Some favorites:

I will admit, I don’t read every post he puts up, simply because they are all somewhat similar. However, here are some favorites that say everything I feel, or want to feel:

This awesome Christian woman blows me away sometimes. She seems to really understand the most important things, like motherhood. Here’s a good post to get you started: Late Night Accusations.

71 Toes:
The mom who write this blog completely changed my attitude about motherhood. Obviously she puts up a lot of posts that are just journal entries about things they’ve done lately, but when she gets to writing her thoughts, they are always inspiring! I tried to find this post I read a few years ago about nature that was simply amazing, but I can’t :(. Just search around through this blog and you’ll find something fantastic.

A Couple of Love Birds:
I think everyone who has ever met the author of this one openly or secretly adores her blog. She just gets it, especially on subjects like motherhood.

Calendar Girl:
Obviously, because Kenzie is one of my best friends, I can see her faith spilling out of her words. But I think you’ll see it, whether you know her or not, in posts like this: On Womanhood.

Even though it’s not my place, I would encourage you (and me) to fill our minds with goodness. We all know we’re gonna read blogs no matter what, so why not trade “reading” some of those blogs that are only ever about what the author is wearing or perfectly photographed parties she’s thrown and take a look at some of these gems? Or at least pay more attention to the blogs written by people we actually care about, and not for what they’re wearing? Thanks for giving mine the time of day, by the way! And if you have any hidden treasures that I don’t know about, please share!


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