What’s Up: Apartments, Ballet, California, Russell Crowe, and Harry Potter

I assume those who read this care a smidgen about my life, so here’s what’s going on.

1. We are looking for an apartment for the fall.

As of right now, we’re a little bit jaded by the whole process after looking at an apartment this afternoon that seemed so promising ($450/month with utilities included). . . We should’ve turned around when we smelled cigarette smoke just getting within 20 feet of the complex. We should’ve turned around when we walked past the row of broken appliances (dishwashers galore!) in the apartment’s “courtyard.” We should’ve turned around when the first apartment we saw could fit in my old bedroom (which is not large by any means).

But don’t worry, we turned around when we saw the dingy, grimy “laundry room” with it’s, ahem, unfinished walls (i.e. whoever was in charge of the drywall totally bailed halfway through), filthy floors, and grungy washing machines. As Nathanael put it, “I would pay $100 more a month just to not live here.”

apartment search

Someone find me an apartment like this. But in Provo. And also under $600.

2. My ballet class is awesome.

And I have avoided resurrecting my tendinitis so far. Has anyone else’s hamstrings grown ridiculously tight from sitting for a living?

ballet class

3. We are moving to California for 2.5 months.

See you in 11 days, Mamwee!!

moving to California

4. My (former) Russell Crowe obsession has officially leaked itself into my work . . . 

 . . . Thanks to my boss (who actually wrote the whole Russell Crowe part). You can Google a picture of him yourself. You deserve it. Back in the day, after breaking up with a boy, I would watch an RC movie or look at pictures from his movies (especially Master and Commander) and I would almost immediately feel better. There, you have my secret. I don’t need it anymore. (I’d rather have my ridiculously handsome Nathanael any day.)

5. I am trying to maintain my French skills by reading Harry Potter in French. 

There are certain words that I’ve never heard in French before, aren’t cognates with English words, and aren’t obvious upon context, but I know what they mean because I’ve read Harry Potter that many times. This fact embarrasses Nathanael.

Like, merci pour eux. Directly translated, that means “thank you for them.” However, if you’ve read HP and the SS more than ten times, you’d know that it is the French equivalent for the snarky version of “thank you very much,” as in “They were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.”

That’s it.

My sister and I in Harry Potter World. Pictures gracias a Marissa.

sisters in Harry Potter World 2


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