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I’m alive! And in California! But here are pictures from before we left, because we haven’t actually taken any here yet…
#1: We went on this glorious, absolutely glorious bike ride down the Provo River Trail to a little spot with a swing, the river, and the perfect climbing trees (thanks to my mom’s recommendation!). I daresay it might have been one of the best nights of my life. | #2: A hideous picture of me to prove that my husband was, in fact, there. | #3-4: I LOVE climbing trees.

enjoying nature with husband

 #5: This is a monstrous tree we climbed. Can you tell how far away the ground is???
climbing trees
Luckily someone cancelled on going to the Hidden Gardens Tour with my mom because that meant I got to go!
#6: My mom and I took pictures of paintings of flowers, not actual flowers. #artistmomproblems | #7: I was informed after taking this picture that these flowers are dead. But aren’t they cool still??? Right?? | #8: You can’t really see it, but this treehouse met with their lawn on the front part, and the back part was hanging in a tree a hundred feet in the air over a river. We can all agree that tree houses are the most magical things ever, can’t we?
Hidden Gardens tour
#9-10: Last, AND least. Just kidding, not least. Not even close. These are our primary kids. We only taught them for 6 weeks, but HOLY CRAP I love them. With only my own experience to draw from, I didn’t know kids could be so well-rounded, interesting, and faithful. My favorite thing one of them ever said was: “Your husband doesn’t say very much. I’d like to listen to him.” AKA you are overbearing. I tried to not take control the next week. Tried.
teaching kids

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