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I am so happy. That’s all.


#1-2: Seal Beach Pier. This place was so beautiful, if a little chilly. Fisherpeople were lining the sides a little farther out. I was so surprised by how many people were fishing!

Warning: DO NOT touch the railings unless you love the rancid combination of bird poop, salt, and fish guts.



#3-4: There’s a place off Ocean Avenue, where we sat, talked….and listened to Ocean Avenue, naturally.



#5: Nathanael’s company treated us all to a dinner at Medieval Times. If you haven’t been there and you live near to one, please stop what you’re doing and go. You’ll grow fond of being referred to as “my lord” and “my lady.” I do have one regret—not owning a period-appropriate dress. If I still lived with Jenae, one of my all-time favorite roommates, I would’ve had my choice of Medieval dresses. Alas. | #6: Maggie and I were huge fans of this guy’s outfit. | #7: The Knights. If you look on the left, you’ll see my crown resting on the table. Although wearing a crown is one of my more favorite things in life, the circumference of the crown was not large enough to stay on voluminous curly hair right after a shower.



#8: My love and I with one of the brilliantly white horses and the flower the Knight threw to Nathanael, which he gave to me. I’m having some serious time machine cravings right now just looking at these pictures—yes, to relive that fun night, but more to live in that time period. I just have to remind myself that I would have been far more likely to be a chambermaid than a princess.



#9: Chickens at the San Diego Fair. Do they or do they not look exactly like Chocobos from Final Fantasy? | #10: An extremely fabulous rooster. | #11: My husband just after the greatest moment of his life. After debating for about 15 minutes whether or not to play this fair game—because they were offering such relatively snazzy prizes, I figured it had to be rigged—Nathanael paid his $5 and got two chances to knock down those metal milk bottles with a rubber ball. He nailed them in one try. Remote control helicopter + winning = outrageously happy Nathanael.




#12: This photo is totally blurry, but I wanted to memorialize a very, very blissful moment of my life. Maggie, Emily, and I went to Downtown Disney as the sun was setting and were treated to gorgeous live violin music while eating pizza under some twinkling trees. Contentment doesn’t even begin to cover how I felt. | #13: Photo credit goes to Kenzie. The fivesome in Downtown Disney on another night to watch the fireworks with our husbands. | #14-15: The best use of Legos I’ve ever seen.



Aaaaaand if you have a minute, I highly recommend watching this and this.

“Some of us who would not chastise a neighbor for his frailties have a field day with our own. Some of us stand before no more harsh a judge than ourselves, a judge who stubbornly refuses to admit much happy evidence and who cares nothing for due process. Fortunately, the Lord loves us more than we love ourselves. A constructive critic truly cares for that which he criticizes, including himself, whereas self-pity is the most condescending form of pity; it soon cannibalizes all other concerns.

…He who was thrust down in the first estate delights to have us put ourselves down. Self-contempt is of Satan; there is none of it in heaven. We should, of course, learn from our mistakes, but without forever studying the instant replays as if these were the game of life itself.”

—Neal A Maxwell


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