I Object!

(Think Legally Blonde, people.)

If you knew me when I was a teenager, you probably knew I had an unusually large amount of angst. Or maybe you did too and here I am just trying to one-up you.

Anyway, that angst that once directed itself toward my immediate family/anyone I thought was obnoxious still exists in my soul. But it has found a different and, thankfully, much healthier outlet: THE MAN.

Who is The Man? Well, whoever I decide he is. Most of the time, it’s advertisers. (You can’t tell me what to buy! *Sticks out tongue.*)

Sometimes it’s consumerism. (No, I don’t need you to have great ideas, Pinterest! SO THERE!)

On a daily basis,* it’s showering. (…I’ll just put on lipstick and deodorant and no one will be the wiser.)

My latest rebellion is against paying full price for clothes (seriously, though, when you think about how much they charge you, it’s a little ridiculous). I recently found a website that can indulge my rebellion while also providing cute clothes (if you dig deep). Behold:

ThredUp is basically like a fancy DI. Which, due to my fondness of non-fancy DI, is a dream come true. Cheers to sticking it to The Man and to the world that encourages overspending! I mean, if you have to buy clothes, they might as well be 75% off. Enjoy!

(My newfound distaste for paying full price has been accompanied by a decidedly reduced avarice for things I don’t need, thanks to this talk.)

*It is also on a daily basis le gouvernement but a) I’m way too guilt-prone to ever do anything about that and b) shhhhh, they’re probably reading this.


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