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The Great, Wide Somewhere

Nathanael’s birthday was on the 27th of September and I wanted to kidnap him and take him camping, but a previous engagement forced us to move that adventure to this past weekend (well, one night hardly counts as a weekend).

I guess he was shocked that the prissiest person on the planet doesn’t mind camping. As long as it’s short and there’s no hiking involved, I daresay I LOVE camping. With Nathanael, anyway.

Word to the wise: Don’t go camping in October. It’s cold. But do go camping with your companion for the eternities. It’s magical.

Camping Collage 2

Camping Collage


One thought on “The Great, Wide Somewhere

  1. McKenzie Bauer says:

    You went camping!!!! I remember having a debate with you and Maggie in my kitchen about how terrible you thought camping was. I am so glad you found someone who makes camping magical because it really is so wonderful.

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