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First Anniversary

There have been two days in my life that went exactly as they should: my wedding day and my first anniversary. February 21st is a great day.

We started off with a French toast breakfast, followed by some lounging around (meaning Nathanael was preparing a slideshow of our year together as a surprise for me while I tried halfheartedly not to interrupt him). We went and did sealings at the Draper Temple at two o’clock (the time we were sealed). We had an early dinner in Salt Lake, did some shopping, and then spent an evening with the Utah Symphony.

I don’t have any cool I’ve-been-married-for-a-year advice or profound thoughts. I just really, really love being married. And knowing that it will never end, if we do our part to be obedient. I’m looking forward to attending symphonies for eternity with this outrageously handsome man.

Anniversary Collage

If you’re interested in 11 minutes of pictures of us, here’s the slideshow created by my thoughtful husband: Nathanael & Shelbey: Year One. (Unnecessarily Long Disclaimer: There is a cuter version that has our song playing in the background, but Nathanael had the misfortunate of marrying someone who once wanted to be a copyright lawyer and who believes passionately in the proper use of other people’s art… So the real, higher-quality video with a copyrighted song is for our use and this public one has a classical song in the public domain. If you want the real experience, just mute the video and play “Stay With You” by John Legend and “Take It From Here” by Justin Timberlake. It will be much better that way.)


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