Dream Journal #12 — Miranda Lambert

You know, sometimes I think Miranda Lambert knows me better than I know myself. Her music somehow encapsulates my entire range of thoughts and feelings, from my ability to overdramatize unrequited love* (“Mama’s Broken Heart,” “There’s a Wall,” and “Kerosene”) to my octogenarian-like dismay at technology (“Automatic”) to my overly paranoid panic about the neighborhood I live in (“Time to Get a Gun”) to my awe at having found the love of my life (“Oklahoma Sky” and “Makin’ Plans”).

Well, anyway. Had a dream about her…

country music guitar

…There I was, sitting in the bleachers next to an elementary school’s track and field (I’m not totally sure if elementary schools even have a track and field). I was chit chatting away with Blake Shelton, who told me that his wife, Miranda, was going to join us for “the project” today. This was it—my chance to become Miranda Lambert’s best friend! So I told Blake, “You know, me and Miranda are like the same person” and explained all the reasons why. I was hoping he’d tell me that he thought she and I would make great friends, and sure enough, that’s exactly what he said!

So he and I started walking into the elementary school. At some point whilst traversing the field, he turned into someone else and there were leopards walking around. Oh, and then he disappeared.

I walked into the school’s main hallway and saw the other volunteers (at this point, my conscious self was still not aware of what it is I’m volunteering for), who were spaced at various points in the hallway, holding up long strips of butcher paper. Among their number was my friend Anna (who is an elementary school teacher in real life and played the role of teacher in my dream), one of the young women in my ward, one of my fellow Young Women leaders, a few other anonymous people, and Miranda Lambert, naturally.

We started the project, which involved painting the butcher paper and then folding it into the shape of a dressing room…? Don’t ask.

While we were doing this, one of the other volunteers started talking to Miranda about her passion for drawing. Miranda confessed to a similar passion for drawing, and I was immediately jealous—was supposed to be the only one with things in common with Miranda Lambert!!!

And that’s all I remember. But the weird thing is, I haven’t listened to a Miranda Lambert song in months. It’s not like I think about her all the time—or ever, really. It’s crazy what your subconscious will bring up in dreams.

* Luckily for the world, I will never have to experience that again. I’ve moved on to overdramatizing everything else.


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