Europe, Life

And the Winner Is . . .

New Hampshire

Here’s the story.

Once upon a time, my dad hooked my husband up with an internship in La Teste-de-Buch, France. Nathanael and I both “speak”* French, and we love traveling together, so it was the perfect situation. (Let’s be honest: mostly, I just wanted to be about 5,000 miles closer to Rome, and Nathanael didn’t have other internship offers despite my dozens of applications on his behalf.)

The process of finalizing said internship started back in November of 2014 and had still not finished in late March 2015, when Nathanael’s dream company interviewed him and offered him an internship the very next day.

We were in torment, but felt very, very blessed. I think we knew from the beginning that our romantic European adventure would have to wait. We knew deep down that career development and saving money should be important for us right now.

I knew my husband was desperate when he put a poll on Facebook at 11pm the night before we had to officially decide.

“What am I doing? I never post things on Facebook.”

Turns out, we’re both fundamentally logical and frugal (that was a weird self-discovery on my part), and so are our friends! Thirty-six votes for NH and twelve for France (also, two of the France votes were from us because we felt bad that no one was picking it . . .).

After praying a lot and facing reality, we realized that New Hampshire would be better for us this summer. When we’re able to suppress our massive regret at turning down an opportunity to live in Europe together, I daresay we’re rather looking forward to the East Coast!

Thanks for your help, everyone.

Also, another winner we should talk about is my boss’s short film, which took first place at the LDS Film Festival. It’s extremely adorable (I cried both when I read the script and when I watched it). They’re having the online premiere tomorrow at noon (it’s the perfect in-between conference entertainment) and y’all should give it a watch. You won’t regret it. Plus, it’s only five minutes.

That reminds me: WATCH CONFERENCE. You won’t regret that, either.

* This is simply a rumor, because I haven’t heard myself have a conversation in French since 2011, and I’ve never heard my husband have one.


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