Dream Journal #13 — My Hero

I dreamt that Nathanael was walking down a street, when he saw a body in the middle of the road. The body had been decapitated (yeah, gruesome right?). Nathanael started to walk away, but then the person called out to him feebly, “Wait . . . Help me.” The person was me! (Yet I was also watching.)

Then it went black. The next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital, although this hospital sure didn’t look like one. I walked to a cafeteria-like place, where I found Nathanael and his brother talking. My neck felt really sore. I told them that, and then Nathanael proceeded to tell me that my neck was sore because they had sewn my head back onto my body, because he found me in the street and brought me to the hospital. I felt my neck, and I had a circle of stitches surrounding the whole thing.

I instantly became enamored of my rescuer (in my dream, we weren’t married, he was just an acquaintance). I kept thinking, He saved my life! He is so wonderful!!

After talking to them, I went to a different part of the hospital. People kept pushing on my head, and I tried desperately to stop them so they didn’t rip the stitches and decapitate me again.

The good news about this dream is that I woke up feeling really grateful for Nathanael. But I still had a sore neck.


2 thoughts on “Dream Journal #13 — My Hero

  1. Emily says:

    I can’t stop laughing. I laughed and laughed. Then read it to Sam and he cringed while I laughed some more. Weirdest dream!

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