Dream Journal #14 — Jimmy Fallon

I had a dream that I was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which was odd because I have never watched that show. Been shown snippets by friends, yes. Been in the room while someone else was watching it, yes. Late-night television irks me. But I do have to admit, of all TV show hosts, I do appreciate his upbeat personality and sincere silliness.

So anyway . . .

I was on Jimmy Fallon’s show. However, we weren’t on a stage: he was riding in a car while I was riding on a bike next to the car. But we were being filmed and I had prepared a musical number.

After singing whatever song it was, I remember thinking, That was actually a decent performance. Thank goodness I didn’t embarrass myself on national television.

I was then allowed into the car with Jimmy for the interview portion of the show. He started with, “So let’s talk about Chris Brown,” implying that there was some large media scandal related to Mr. Brown.

I responded, “Actually, I don’t talk about people behind their backs.”

Jimmy seemed disappointed and confused, and stuttered, “But . . . It’s Chris Brown.”

“Well, I don’t even know him anyway.”

And that was that.

But this does bring up a question: Why do we gossip about celebrities anyway? 1) It’s mean, and 2) who cares? Here’s to not gossiping—whether about celebrities or loved ones or not-so-loved ones or coworkers—a quest that I still find absurdly hard sometimes.


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