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Road Trip Part One: Longmont, CO

For those of you just tuning in, Nathanael and I drove across the country to live in New Hampshire in the summer for Nathanael’s internship.

Where are we now? Well, we’re in Maine at the moment, homeless but not hotel-less. It all started back in Provo, Utah, on my 24th birthday* . . .


We left bright and early with all of the necessities in the back seat and trunk, bound for Longmont, CO. Once we reached the mountains in Colorado, I started to regret the whole thing. My hatred of the snow and cold is starting to get out of control.

snowy mountains

I honestly didn’t research this place too much; I was sold by the AirBnB photos (highly recommend staying there if you’re in the mood for Colorado). When we got there, we saw endless fields for horses and were greeted by the cutest wildlife. Any place that has wild bunnies is pretty much magical in my book.

Colorado animals

Not only was Longmont the most picturesque countryside (on one drive, we saw a herd of horses galloping together through a field—it was even more enchanting than it sounds), but it is also near Boulder, CO, which, it turns out, is an extremely hip city. It seemed like every restaurant served only local food and there was a yoga studio on every corner. I totally did not expect that. We ate at a place called Bacco which I mention only because I’m pretty sure their bread is an addictive substance.

We had all these cool plans for horseback rides and canoe trips and nature walks, but turns out nothing really opens for the summer until May, and it was also cold and rainy. So we contented ourselves with massages from the Dragontree Spa (that was my birthday celebration), a tiny bit of shopping, a lot of eating, a planetarium visit, and a movie (we saw Cinderella, and I highly recommend it).

So there’s my lame, stereotypical travelogue! If there’s anything I want you to get out of this post, it is that if you have the time/resources, I highly recommend getting a full-body massage at least once in your life. It is even better than it sounds. And if you can get to the Dragontree Spa (locations in Boulder and Portland), then so much the better. That place was heavenly. Nathanael said he felt like he was walking on a cloud afterward, but he’s not exactly a hard sale ;). I am though, and I thought it was spectacular.

* I know 24 is not old, but do you ever sometimes feel like you never thought you would actually be as old as you are?


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