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Road Trip Part Two: Omaha, Nebraska

The next stop on our cross-country trek was Omaha. I had never been to Nebraska before and I didn’t expect it to be so beautiful! It was so green compared to Utah!! (Did mentioning how beautiful and green a place is just age me sixty years? When did I become a grandma incessantly talking about scenery?)

But the coolest part of Omaha is Megan and Greg. And these hats, which I’m positive are the most photographed thing at the Visitor’s Center by the Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple.

Pioneer Hats

Can I make a brief aside to how amazing the pioneers were? So brief that I’m not actually going to say anything and let President Uchtdorf do the talking.

Megan and I have been friends since she was my RA in the dorms at BYU. We have had soooo many good times together, and she saw me through one of the most embarrassing years of my life. And she still likes me enough to let me invade her house for the weekend. THANK YOU!!

IMG_2982In addition to visiting the temple and visitor’s center, we went on a walk downtown and across a bridge over the Missouri River, where you can be in two places at once (A Walk to Remember, anyone?).

Missouri River Bridge

I wish you could see Nathanael’s face better in the picture on the right. He had just received a gust of wind to the face and I thought it was hilarious!


We also demolished my dad’s cookies. To be fair, we only had approximately eight left when we arrived at the Palmer’s. Nathanael and I are the fatties who ate the other 27.


It was soooo nice to see Megan again! Thanks for giving us a great time in Omaha!!


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