The Funniest Thing I’ve Ever Said

I don’t consider myself to necessarily be a funny person. I think I have a good sense of humor, but I myself don’t produce very much funniness. I’m sure I’ve had some good moments, but mostly people think I’m funny when they know me and they’d laugh at me no matter what (my husband and family) or they like thinking of outrageous comic fantasies with me (like my lady friends). But in general, I’m not terribly funny.

So that’s why I’m not necessarily surprised that the following is the “funniest thing [I’ve] ever said,” but I also had this notion in my mind that I could do better. But this took the cake, in my husband’s opinion:

We were talking about how Nathanael hates timed tests. He was telling me about the negative symptoms he experiences when he knows he’s being timed. So I said, “Can you get a handicapped sticker for that?”

And then he said, “That’s the funniest thing you’ve ever said,” and proceeded to NOT LAUGH. Not even a chuckle. Not one single “ha.”

I’m confused.

Also, it’s not that funny.


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