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Road Trip Part Three: Chicago

The next place we went was Chicago. The City of Lights. No, wait. That’s Paris.

I don’t know what Chicago is the city of, but in our limited experience, it was the City of Bad First Impressions. Or as Nathanael put it, “Just like New York but less charming.” It had about eight hours to change our minds.

We toured Wrigley Field because my husband and I love baseball. I feel weird saying that about myself, but if you measure the difference between how I feel watching football and how I feel watching baseball, you could only conclude that I love baseball.

Wrigley Field

The tour guide was a crack-up, and Nathanael and I decided that when we retire, that’s what Nathanael’s going to do. Anyone have any ideas for what Nathanael should be a tour guide for? We can’t figure it out. And I’ll be the lady at the back of the line making sure everyone stays with the group. “Where do you think you’re going??? GET BACK IN LINE.” I can visualize it perfectly.

Neils at Wrigley

After that, we found our AirBnb apartment and it was so lovely. And it happened to be right by the pizza place we were told we had to go to: Giordano’s. We were kind of skeptical of the pizza at first—simply because we were kind of in a disenchanted, skeptical kind of mood (mostly me [actually, only me])—but boy, was that thing GOOD. My dad makes a really good Chicago pizza, so I’ve sort of been spoiled, but I really loved how cheesy Giordano’s was. Totally hit the spot. Okay, we’re warming up to this Chicago thing . . .

That picture might actually disgust the faint of heart. | Nathanael going in for the kill.

That picture might actually disgust the faint of heart. | Nathanael going in for the kill.

After that, we were dead tired from waking up earlier than we’re used to and driving all day. It makes me feel lazy that driving all day makes me tired, but doesn’t it?? So we took a nap.

Then, the homebodies that we are, we almost didn’t go out again. It was late and we were tired and it was cold.

But then, the spirit of adventure overtook us and we went to the Jazz Showcase, a jazz lounge that completely lived up to my extremely high expectations resulting from longing to go to a jazz lounge nearly my entire life.

Jazz Showcase

Water on the rocks.

Cuddling is so much better on an antique couch with live jazz and dim lighting (and it was already great to begin with).

Okay, okay. Chicago’s not that bad. 🙂


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