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Road Trip Part Four: York, PA

We left bright and early from Chicago to try to make it in time to see Nathanael’s brother Matthew pitch (and to see his wife and baby girl, of course)! After eleven hours, we made it in time to see him shut down the competition. His team won!

#1: The brothers. | #2: Doing what we do best. | #3: Matthew doing what he does best.

Baseball game

Huge thanks to Laura for the pictures! (Except the obviously unprofessional one in the lower right . . . )

# 1: I really hope our first child is a girl, because Nathanael has an enormous soft spot for them. | #2: I know this picture is blurry and totally wonky, but just look at Makenna’s expression of pure bliss!

Carousel 2
We loved being able to see Matthew, Laura, and Makenna. They live out here in the East most of the time and we don’t get to see them as much as we want to.

The best part was that in Pennsylvania, we were able to just relax. We loved seeing the sites in the previous cities and we definitely love going out and doing things, but we also love occasionally not being obligated to do a darn thing. And that’s the gift Laura and Matthew gave us. No sites to see, no activities to rush off to, just lots of relaxation and baseball and family and delicious, homemade breakfasts :).

N, Shelbey, Makenna

Photo cred: Laura


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