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Road Trip Part Five: New York, NY

New York?

Was a little traumatic.

Well, I guess New York City wasn’t traumatic at all, but Brooklyn on the other hand . . . Let’s just say that when we arrived in the neighborhood where our AirBnB rental was, I thought it looked like the type of place that all common sense said you shouldn’t walk through without a police escort. And it didn’t help that there had been 21 shootings the week prior that occurred in a perfect arc around our street. I saw multiple women walking around by themselves and I wanted to put them in our car and take them somewhere safe.

This was all due to my lack of research, because I take full responsibility for renting the place (which itself was quite nice inside).

And Nathanael can take full responsibility for being my knight in shining armor and getting us out of there! (Plus a lot of help from my sister for finding us a new hotel which was actually very hip and in the perfect location.)

After that self-induced drama (my specialty) was over, we made it just in time to our Broadway show. And I mean just in time. We were still desperately stuffing our faces with the sandwiches we’d picked up on the way. Now where’s the picture of THAT?


We saw Wicked because it is Nathanael’s favorite musical and I had never seen it before. My musical theater friends might be shocked by that statement, but let’s take a step back and remember that when it came out, I was deeply immersed in the high school drama program. That meant that I heard everyone singing it ALL. THE. TIME. It kinda ruined it, you know?

So, six years later, I really, really enjoyed it. I loved the friendship between Glinda and Elpheba. Plus the women who played them were out-of-this-world talented.

The next day, we took it slowly. I like relaxing on vacations, and therefore I do not like a long checklist of places we must see. So we made it to Central Park, the Met, and the 9/11 Memorial. . . (Incidentally, on trying to find our way to the latter we ended up in New Jersey, haha. But things like that just don’t matter when you’re sitting on a subway holding your true love’s hand.)

Nathanael in NY

I love that my love loves art in the same way I do. | Smiling probably isn’t allowed at the 9/11 Memorial.

And the High Line (Thanks for the recommendation, Riley!). . .

Shelbey and Nathanael

Flower courtesy of Central Park :).

We took almost zero pictures and slept on bunk beds, but many memories were made and those were some dang comfortable bunk beds.


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