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Photoland: May 2015

Okay, some photographic evidence that we exist and do things. At least during the month of May.

USS Albacore

The USS Albacore is a dry-docked submarine that the government still won’t tell anyone what they used it for. *Do do do do do do do do* (That was supposed to be The Twilight Zone theme song, as I’m sure you guessed.) It seems to have a rich history, but I’m not super into history, so I mostly liked it because we could wiggle stuff around, press buttons, and hope we were the first people to discover that they accidentally left the engine running or the walkie talkies on or something. No such luck.

#1: Thar she blows.  | #2: Captain Neil and co-captain Neil piloting the boat. | #3: Me smiling inside a submarine that smelled pungently of diesel fuel.

USS Albacore#4 and 5: People voluntarily slept in these. I hope they were well compensated.

USS Albacore Bunks

College Woods

This is exactly what it sounds like: woods near a college. It was a very lovely forest filled with some interesting humans.

#6: During our walk through here . . . | #7: . . . We almost stepped on this. Nathanael flicked it off its perch with a stick and it played dead (supposedly). Frogs give me the heebie jeebies.

College Woods


How could we resist going somewhere with such a name? When we walked in and saw the bowling balls, we laughed aloud because do you see those? I can hold it in the palm of my hand! It’s called candlepin bowling and it’s so much better than regular bowling.

#8: I wanted to show you what you will look like if you go bowling in a skirt (like an idiot). | #9: That’s a good-looking bowler. | #10: Candlepin bowling is designed for people like me (those with weak arms). And if you’re wondering why our scores are so low, there’s none of that strikes-double-the-next-frame nonsense with this game.



We went to Boston very, very briefly. But I think I fell in love with it. All we had time for on this excursion was the Boston Massachusetts Temple, Faneuil Hall, and a bit of walking around.

#11–12: The temple is the best place in the world. It’s the only place besides Disneyland that I get the “Disneyland feeling” (a different person might call that joy or bliss), and that’s because the temple is the House of the Lord and His joyful presence is there in such great abundance. Seriously.


Faneuil Hall is an old marketplace hall that has been refurbished and transformed into a super-hip food hall. My two recommendations would be to NOT eat falafel at the Greek food place there and to NOT buy a smoothie from Starbucks (I watched the server dump spoonfuls of sugar into a supposedly “no sugar added” smoothie).

#13: Not sure if that photo even looks like anything if you haven’t been there. I was just trying to capture the cool old balcony. | #14: I’m very into fancy ceilings, and this one was super fancy. | #15: Boston itself. Notice the tiny historic building beneath the shadow of the relatively huge skyscraper.


Wentworth Coolidge State Historic Mansion

Despite the long, regal name, this place is basically a lawn. You can’t even go into the historic mansion. Random and not what we expected, but it’s not every day you see a lawn that touches the ocean.

#16: That’s my husband. | #17: That’s me and my husband. (NO WAY!) Those rays of light are the precursor to an angelic visitation we received right after this photo was taken. Go figure!

Mansion House 1#18: There was an extremely large anchor that raised a number of questions like, How did it get there? Why is it there? Surely it must be an important historical artifact to be so perched upon the grounds of THE historic Wentworth Coolidge Mansion! But no. There was no plaque of explanation. | #19: The Neils trying out the camera timer for the first time.

Mansion House 2

. . . And when you have a husband like Nathanael, sometimes you come home from an audition to see this:


And that was May.


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