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For Aslan! And for Narnia!

I spent the greater part of last week in Virginia with my sister! It was fun, but I also took no pictures. No one is surprised. (I guess technically I did take a few pictures, but they were mostly of UVA gardens so…)

When Nathanael picked me up from the airport upon my return to New England, we took advantage of the airport’s proximity to Boston and decided to walk the Freedom Trail!

My sweet husband had all these plans to take a picture at each stop so I could blog about it properly, but we kind of forgot most of the time. So here’s what we do have.

Boston Commons

The trail begins in Boston Commons, the oldest park in America. Please note the man in period costume behind me (with whom I was too shy to take a picture).

Freedom Trail 1

Granary Burying Ground

That attractive man is sitting next to Paul Revere’s tombstone. Maybe he’s even sitting on Mr. Revere . . . ???

Freedom Trail 2

King’s Chapel

These pew rooms were amazing. They probably don’t encourage listening, but they’re preeeetttttyyyy.

Freedom Trail 3

Benjamin Franklin Statue

Freedom Trail 4

Paul Revere Statue/Old North Church

That church in the background is the one where Paul Revere instructed someone to hold up lanterns based on how the British army was traveling.

Freedom Trail 5

Bunker Hill Monument

This was the site of the first major battle of the Revolutionary War. Nowadays, it has the most amazing townhomes surrounding it.

Freedom Trail 6

USS Constitution

You know, this thing was probably pretty cool. But we wouldn’t know, because we arrived five minutes after they closed. Oh well, we’ll just have to go back to Boston!

Freedom Trail 7

Take your pick: ugly picture where my eyes are open, or a good picture where my eyes are closed. (Story of Nathanael’s life.)

It was super awesome. And even I didn’t get pooped until the last couple of stops. We learned a bit about history and took in possibly the most picturesque town I’ve ever seen.

Plus, the best part is that Boston has a Prêt a Mànger.


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