Today’s the Day

We’re leaving New Hampshire. And I hope I don’t offend anyone here when I say, FINALLY!!

During the months leading up to this summer, I had been wanting to grow more as a person. I felt like I needed a trial, because I’ve deduced that that’s basically the only way to teach me anything important. I thought we’d have to move to Europe to accomplish that, but it turns out Heavenly Father had just the right thing waiting for me right here in the States. How convenient :).

At one particularly low point, Nathanael gave me a blessing (this is a special sort of prayer* for direction, comfort, or healing that can be given to anyone by worthy men who have been ordained to the priesthood). He told me that God knew who I was and where I was, and that He had sent angels to bear me up.

After that, I started looking for the influence of the angels around me, fancying myself to be surrounded with all sorts of important women who had passed on (pride issues), and probably some ancestors as well.

One day, I realized that some of these angels were actually just the regular, ordinary, mortal human beings around me! The first and foremost being Nathanael, because seriously . . . That guy. His patience and love for me are unreal. He’s my personal angel helping me through life.

But also the lady we live with here, Babs. She’s always gone out of her way to invite me to various activities and help me explore the area we live in. We’ve had some really great conversations, and she’s been so generous and kind to us! We’re so glad we didn’t end up in some random apartment complex without a fairy godmother watching over us :).

And also also, the people of the Portsmouth Ward. They take being welcoming to a whole new level that I heretofore had never experienced! They made sure I had rides to activities, they invited us over to dinner, they invited us to do things with them, and one woman in particular even let me tag along for a whole day of museum-going and learning about the Revolutionary War. At church, they were always ultra friendly and overflowing with compliments for us (a super cool quality of theirs that they don’t just use on new people). I’ve never honestly felt as integrated into a ward as I do here, and we were only here for three months! I’m telling you, the Portsmouth Ward has got it figured out.

Anyway, I’ve already gotten way more personal than I usually like to be, so I’ll summarize: I learned a lot this summer. I should probably try to be an angel to someone else, to stop analyzing people’s trials and deciding whether I think they’re being a baby or not before I try to help. This baby was sure glad people helped her.

Buuuuut I’m not going to pretend to be sad that I’m going home :).

*If you need a blessing and don’t know a priesthood holder personally, the missionaries can definitely help you out with that.


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