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A Summary of Weeks

Time here has been flying by through my two favorite months: September and October. Let me catch myself up a little bit.

At the end of July (back in NH), we finally flew kites. When I bought them, the cashier (imagine a mix between Urkel and Carlton) asked me, “These are for your son and daughter? Nephew and niece?” No, sir. Myself and my husband.

Flying Kites

In August, we stepped aboard the USS Constitution in Boston, which was a gorgeous ship. Unfortunately, the lower decks were closed so there wasn’t a whole lot to see. Fortunately, we were with Nathanael’s cousin Mariah, so it was fun anyway.

USS Constitution

And these two put on a puppet show for me in the USS Constitution museum.

3 Puppets

During Nathanael’s last week of his internship, Westinghouse took all the interns (and me!) on a Portsmouth Harbor cruise to Star Island. I realized that I really like being on boats, because it makes me feel like Edmond Dantes. Getting in the water, not as much.

Plus, I look like one of the three blind mice, which is reason enough to put this picture up.

4 Harbor Cruise

And for our last major event in New Hampshire, Nathanael had a softball game. I love having an athletic husband. His team might have won the league championship, but I can’t remember. But it was nicknamed the “beer league,” so you can imagine that winning wasn’t very hard to do.

5 Softball

Next, we started the long drive home! When we were passing through New York, we saw signs for Niagara Falls and decided on a whim to take a detour to visit the Falls (I’ve never been there). We were richly rewarded with this amazing view.

6 Niagara Falls

I felt really bad for the millions of tourists there who had clearly flown here from other countries to see the thing.

We passed through Omaha to once again impede on Megan and Greg’s kindness. While there, we went to the Omaha Zoo, which was the highlight of my summer. I love animals. That lemur in the second photo was RIGHT by us, but we were forbidden to touch it. I was sad.

7 Omaha Zoo

Omaha also has a big museum about its history, which, no offense, wasn’t all that interesting since we don’t live there. However, they had an exhibit about ancient Egypt, which is one of those things I am randomly interested in. The interactive stuff was the best.

8 Omaha Museum

At some point during the drive, we acquired some Taco Bell. Nathanael had been deprived of it for months, so I felt that a photo of his reunion with his fast food burrito was a must.

9 Taco Bell

Oh, no one cares but me? I don’t believe it.

And then, the climactic event of the summer: the creation of the Davis family. It was the perfect summer wedding! And who says you can’t hide it when you’re almost halfway through your pregnancy? (Oh yeah, I’m pregnant by the way.)

10 Bryn's Wedding

I also was privileged to see my favorite sight/hear my favorite sound:

11 Piano

Luckily, we made it back from New Hampshire in time for the Utah Valley Renaissance Faire! I’ve never been to one of these things before, and I’ve always wanted to go. I was not disappointed. How often do you get to see fake jousting and sit in thrones?

My only complaint is that a lot of people didn’t seem to know there’s a difference between the Medieval period and the Renaissance, and I wish the faire throwers would set up some guidelines regarding historical accuracy. Alas. Not that I was remotely historically accurate in acid wash jeans . . . Alas again.

12 Renaissance Faire

We also keep taking remarkably attractive pictures of ourselves.

13 Amazing

And we went to see Beauty and the Beast at the Tuacahn with Bryn and Chad! Going to plays is truly a joy for me, and it was even better watching my favorite play with my two loves (Bryn and Nathanael). I wish they could have had the Beast and Gaston from the movie, though.

That theater has such cool scenery. Go there.

14 Tuacahn

Nathanael also turned TWENTY-FIVE! So I baked (that’s the second time this month, very out of character for me), and his sister let us come over to make pizzas with siblings and cousins! Nathanael sure has a good family.

16 N Birthday

And finally, I started this:


I’ve supposedly read it before, but it kind of went in one ear and out the other. I think I was about twelve and was reading it to impress someone? Maybe? Anyway, I decided it was high time I really read the thing. I love it. I think about it when I’m not with it. It’s getting pretty serious.

Oh yes, and please go watch General Conference if you haven’t. That deserves a post to itself, so I’ll just say it was amazing and insist that you watch it or re-watch it or re-re-watch it.


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