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Good Video for Parents


3 thoughts on “Good Video for Parents

  1. Your husband (and siblings) all got their 90 seconds (or more), but there is a second step to this blessing. As many of those additional red blood cell break down, releasing the beneficial iron, oftentimes the liver can’t keep up and bilirubin levels rise. The second step is to take your baby out and expose his bare skin to the sunshine. Ten minutes a day for a week or two is usually enough. It will help break down the bilirubin and get a vitamin D bonus. You’ll be able to tell if the tip of his nose is yellow.

  2. Yes, it will work through the window. It isn’t the UVB (that is blocked by the glass) from the sun that breaks down the bilirubin. It’s the blue green light. However, it is the UVB that the body uses to make vitamin D. He can wait until it’s a little warmer to catch some direct rays.

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