The Birth Story

So I’m giving up on the whole blogging thing. It’s just not cohesive with my personality and feels really forced. I’m trying new ways to #sharegoodness.

But, as a last farewell, here’s a post written by my husband. We never got around to finishing it, so I’ll tell you the ending: (~SPOILER ALERT~) the baby came out.

I now turn the time over to Nathanael.

January 29, 11:00pm—We were 41 weeks. Most people would be trying every induction technique under the sun, but no, not us. Instead we got Coldstone.

This induced labor.

January 30, 3:45am—My wife wakes me up and says she’s having contractions. I say, “Okay, should we go to the hospital?” “No.” I fall back asleep. Periodically wake up and check to see if there’s a baby.

10:30am—Contractions stopped.

12:00–2:00pm—I whipped up a mean frozen pizza. We ate it while my wife cried. Contractions had resumed and were 10–15 minutes apart. Watched Princess and the Frog to prep for our move to New Orleans.

5:00pm—Watching Netflix to pass the time. We were watching a show about parents trying to live vicariously through their children.

5:15pm—Wife tells me to stop talking. She plays dead to deal with her contractions.

6:30pm—Secretly pack hospital bag so family doesn’t freak out. But then they see us leaving and freak out anyway. My father-in-law takes a picture of the moment.

7:00pm—Leave my wife in the car to get us food from Zupa’s. Wait in line hoping my wife’s water didn’t break all over the car. We eat our food on the way to the hospital and sit in the parking lot while my wife finishes hers slowly. Not exactly the hospital entrance you see in movies.

7:30–9:30pm—Sitting in a rocking chair watching another woman feelsky my wife.

9:30pm—We go back home because my wife hadn’t “progressed.”

10:00pm–January 31, 1:00am—Work on my Sunday School lesson while my wife plays dead again in a dark corner of the room every 4.5 minutes.

1:00–2:00am—Back to the hospital. Wife gets another feelsky. She is no longer playing dead—she is actually dying and asks for someone to put a needle in her back.

2:30am—My wife starts acting like she’s in Disneyland. I talk to her a little and then go over to my luxurious couch/bed that I will inhabit for the next two days. We sleep.



And that’s as far as he got. Long story short, there appeared a wriggling, giant, purple, screaming baby who grew up to be the sweet, easygoing, ridiculously pleasant Marius who is currently asleep in my arms :).

Over and out! For now…





2 thoughts on “The Birth Story

  1. Dennis Agle says:

    Just signing the petition to have you not abandon your blog. Also, to have Nathanael finish his post, spoiler or not.

    • Unfortunately you were the only person to sign the petition, so I must bid the blogging world adieu. I’ll see what I can do about Nathanael . . . he hit a bit of writer’s block with it, as I’m sure you understand haha!

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