6I’m an editor. I’m a [graduated] linguistics major. I’m musical. I do drama.

That’s how my husband said I should describe myself.

But if you really want to know about me, you should know that I have an extremely vocal conscience, I love anything older than the 1960s, and my main vices are salt and vinegar chips and soy sauce. I’m not funny, and I’m okay with that. I love reading and watching the same books and movies over and over again. I used to also be a TV and video game fanatic, but now there’s nothing I hate more. I believe in doing everything deliberately. I want to try every hobby, but I get sick of things too easily to really be great at anything. I love art, but passionately hate crafts. I’m very much into romance, crying, and dreaming.  I’m a reluctant blogger. My favorite activity is eating followed by cuddling with my husband followed by singing. I’m a Mormon, and my faith is behind anything good that I manage to do.

Mostly, I just want to be a good woman—the traditional, outdated, boring kind who cooks and cleans, bears children, acts like a lady, and adores her husband.

Here are some get-to-know-me posts to get you started!

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