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I’m Bad at This

Blogging is so tedious! But here I go to #sharegoodness.

This is what has been happening lately:

Christmas break.

I wasn’t a grinch this year! I even suggested Christmas music a couple of times, which is an enormous deal. I was really trying to enjoy my last obligation-free time with my love while he was on Christmas break and while I’m in this delightful period of no work, no school, no nothing.

Christmas 1

Nathanael and I recreating our post-engagement picture two years later. | My dad had a fancy choir concert at Abravanel Hall. | My sister bathed our cat and he looked so pathetic afterward! | Making slushies out of freshly fallen snow (just plain snow for me).

Gingerbread 1

My family made gingerbread houses (from kits, naturally), and theirs looked a lot cooler than ours.

Gingerbread 2

Piping icing is apparently harder than it looks.


Nathanael’s first Christmas with the in-laws!

New Year’s.

My friend Anna, who has put up with me for the longest of any of my friends (16+ years), threw an awesome New Year’s Eve party which was perfectly timed because Nathanael had been saying, “I’ve never had a NYE in Utah before,” like it was going to be something special. That made me nervous because I had zero ideas of what the crap married people even do in Provo on New Year’s (hello, the singles dances were the obligatory activity for like 6 years of my life*). So thank you, Anna.

Also, the picture on the right is from the amazing moment where Nathanael actually picked the right box for Deal or No Deal at the local arcade.

Also, the picture on the right is from the amazing moment where Nathanael actually picked the right box for Deal or No Deal at the local arcade.

* Those singles dances. Maggie, Kenzie, and I always had such high expectations for them, which were sometimes met but usually not. My favorite New Year’s memory is when Kenzie and I sang “Drink with Me” (from Les Mis) in her kitchen while drinking Martinelli’s, while her mom looked on in amused disbelief that we were actually that weird. Which reminds me of the time Maggie sang the entire “Star-Spangled Banner” in that same kitchen. Okay, time to get off Memory Lane because no one can even appreciate how funny that was unless you were there, and I know you weren’t there.


Nathanael started his last semester. THAT IS AMAZING.

Being pregnant.

My stomach gets bigger every day. This is a weird experience. I also have to say that pregnancy is approximately one gajillion times better than people make it sound, so for all you ladies out there worried about it—don’t be. As with most things, pregnancy is what you make it. (Excluding those few people who do legitimately get really sick. That seriously blows. But even then, a helpless attitude certainly wouldn’t improve the situation . . .)

Lots of lunch.

  1. Had lunch with Rebecca. Everyone needs to know her, but since this is impossible, read her blog. I found out at this lunch that she can read minds.
  2. Had lunch with Maggie and Kenzie, naturally. Loved talking to them about all the important stuff, like circumcision. 😉

Fancy film festivals.

Not really. But sort of. The putter-onners of the Ash Festival sure did try to make a fancy black tie event, the sort of effort I appreciate, even if I can’t appreciate the artsy movies they showed. But mostly, Caitlin and I look soooo bored and entitled in this photo and it amuses me.

“Dad, you’re taking pictures of us WRONG.”

Family, Life, Pictures

First Things First

…Can someone tell me why “Marley and Marley” is stuck in my head?

Let me reverse engineer my thoughts: “Marley and Marley” –> A Muppet Christmas Carol –> Michael Caine –> The Dark Knight –> Christian Bale marathon –> Bryn –> proud of myself for hanging out with friends lately.

There’s a reason for everything.

Anyway… I am still alive and well. Here’s what we’ve been up to since the last time I posted pictures.

I was in a play at the Scera…

#1: This beautiful family was kind enough to come to the play. I teach Stefany singing and Jonathan piano. We have a good time. | #2: My very own space in the dressing room. | #3: I know it’s blurry, but it’s still an awesome picture for those involved. Rebecca (stage right) was my favorite cast member. She’s a hoot and a holler, and so is Steven (center stage).Play Collage

It was a grand old time being an ensemble girl again. It reminded me of my early high school years, when the drama teacher used to call me, Anna, and Shamae the “sophomore princesses.” I must have unwittingly reprised that role, because everyone thought I was 16.

We celebrated Christmas…

#1: I met my only blood-related nephew for the first time. | #2: Being a great uncle. | #3: Tune in to the 2018 Olympics. You might see me and Nathanael in the paired figure skating competition.Christmas Collage 1

#4–6: The nephews had a grand time on the trampoline. It kind of freaks me out how reckless kids are.

Christmas Collage 3

#7: We went to California for Nathanael’s cousin’s wedding. We decided to head to San Francisco between the sealing and the dinner, and Michelle (sister-in-law) took us down the famous Lombard Street (which is so famous, apparently, that I had never heard of it, haha). | #8: Neil Family Golf Tourney. | #9: My Dallas came home from her mission and, unfortunately, this is the only picture I have. Apparently you’re not supposed to take pictures in the chapel.

Christmas Collage 4

#10: I got to pretend to be a mom of three boys for ten minutes. | #11: I’ve never seen five adults have so much fun playing Blind Man’s Bluff. I’ve actually never seen adults play Blind Man’s Bluff. | #12: Nathanael as the blind man.

Christmas Collage 2

And other random stuff…

#1: I’m reading The Count of Monte Cristo for the first time and absolutely loving it. Also, that big orange book? It means I’m a real editor now, y’all! I love my new job. | #2–3: I, by some miracle, was handed my dream calling (Young Women Secretary). We do fun stuff, like try on wedding dresses and have relay races for dressing babies. | #4: I was in a short movie (if you can even really call it a movie) for the Church History Museum about the early days of the Relief Society. They gave me a cute hat.

Random Collage 1

#5: I finally got to see Caitlin’s horse, Axel. | #6–7: Nathanael making kids excited about engineering by teaching them how to program robots. | #8: You know you’re officially a Mormon when you go to your husband’s church basketball games. | #9: Thanksgiving… Wow… That was out of order. | #10: This is what we do all the time (Nathanael, homework; me, try to get Nathanael’s attention).

Random Collage 2

#11: I was treated to a heart-shaped egg-in-a-blanket and pears and cheese Valentine’s Day morning :). Last year, I swore off celebrating V Day (even though I was engaged and a week from getting married). I like celebrating it better! | #12: If you have tacky, ostentatious taste like me, make sure you marry a man who’s sweet enough to let you do whatever you want.

Random Collage 4

#13: We went to the planetarium, which is usually among my favorite activities, but… | #14: … Jared’s face sums it up.

Random Collage 5

Let’s end rather abruptly with a completely unrelated video I found on YouTube when I was preparing for a family home evening lesson. I cried when I watched it. I’m not exactly sure why, but I did.