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I actually took some pictures . . .

. . . of last Friday.

#1: We had a ladies retreat for the young women (plus Nathanael and another one of the priesthood leaders). We laughed a lot during our game of group charades. | #2: My group was acting out “crazy football fans,” so Hannah and I were acting like football players while Jenny and Sarah were the crazy fans. This is me about to tackle Hannah. | #3: Successful tackle completed. She’s so tiny that you can’t even see her behind the couch!

Young WomenMay I take this opportunity to talk about how much I love being part of the Young Women organization? Seriously. I love it. Every single one of those girls is a much better person than I was at their age (not that hard to do, if we’re being honest). After hearing their comments and testimonies and seeing their good works, I am always so amazed—they know more about how to live life than most people do in their 30s! And they’re modest, which makes my heart soar. End testimony.

. . . of last Saturday.

#1–2: Studying in the Fletcher Building on campus. I’m sure Nathanael would want me to tell y’all about how he begged to go see Interstellar and I made him take his take-home test instead. It’s okay, though, because I went crazy ordering stuff on Vitacost and he got vitamins out of the whole rigmarole (which, he has discovered, taste “like a wheat farm”).

Studying. . . and of a whole lot of flying contraptions.

#1: See that plane? My husband BUILT that beautiful thing. (Well, it’s only beautiful because he built it. Probably how we’ll feel about our children.) | #2: Running up the hill with “Shelbey” (I kind of sort of made him name the plane after me. I mean, Bryn’s little brother named his skateboard after me and I couldn’t let a twelve-year-old be more romantic than my own husband). | #3: It flies SO HIGH.


#4–5: That helicopter again.
HelicopterLife is good.