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Halloween 2015

On Halloween Eve, my friends and I threw an awesome murder mystery party using one of those old boxed sets they used to make called How to Host a Murder. They’re so much better than anything you can get online now and I wish they still made them! Plus you can never go wrong with a bunch of funny people with terrible British accents.

Here we are as Dame Allison Bigh, murder mystery writer, and Dr. Malcolm T. Praktiss, “Healer to the Rich.” I bought that dress at DI two or three years ago and I was so ecstatic to find out that it still fits!! More than six months pregnant, woohoo!

Murder Mystery

On Halloween itself, we went to a party hosted by our friends Jake and Anna, to whom we are forever grateful for giving us an excuse to wear our Snow White and Prince Charming ensembles. I don’t know anyone whiter than me or more princely than my husband, so I thought our costumes suited us perfectly :). And clearly I need a new pose!

Snow White

I am so looking forward to coercing my children into wearing family costumes in the years to come. Why yes, I already have next year’s planned!

We also participated in the glorious tradition of pumpkin carving. Nathanael and I like working on one pumpkin together, because we’re good at brainstorming ideas together, I’m good at drawing it on the pumpkin, and he’s good at the execution. Tada!

One Ring Pumpkin