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Wedding Why? — The Dress

Okay. Here’s the long story short. Have you watched The Little Mermaid? I know. It’s amazing. Prince Eric’s dark hair and dark eyebrows??? So hot. I obviously have a type.

Anyway . . . . . . . . Do you remember the end of the movie when Eric is shipwrecked after defeating Ursula? Ariel gazes at him from a distant rock while her dad gazes at her. It melts his heart, and he uses his triton to bestow her with legs, permanently, and she rises out of the water in a glorious glittery gown? As soon as I knew what weddings were and that I would one day have one of my own, I have wanted to wear a glittery gown. (And thank you, Jacob, for serenading me with Little Mermaid music when you saw my dress.)

As proof (as if you needed it), here’s a picture I took of a dress in Paris two and a half years ago. I took this picture and told my family, “That is what my wedding dress will look like.” Cause, HELLO? Is that not Ariel’s dress exactly? Even the neckline and the straps are the same. My mom and sisters laughed it off. But I was serious.


So when Nathanael hinted that he’d like to spend the rest of his existence with me . . . I went looking for it.

My best friend Maggie had found her dream dress on Etsy of all places, so I figured I’d start there. One search of “gold sequin dress” led me to Debbie Baille-Collins’ shop called Gibson Bespoke (go look at it; you won’t regret it). The reason I didn’t attempt to find a silver gown was because I had already decided on gold and black as wedding colors thanks to another obsession of mine, Phantom of the Opera (“Masquerade” scene, anyone? Anyone?).

Within five minutes, I had found it. I gave Debbie, who was an absolute delight to work with, my measurements, and ordered it. I’ve almost never regretted it since. 🙂


Gold Wedding Dress

Needless to say, everyone was pretty confused, especially before the fact. I had this conversation 5,000 times:

4353763Nice stranger: Congratulations, you’re getting married!
Me: Yep, I’m pretty thrilled!
Nice stranger: So, how are your plans coming?
Me: Great! I’m basically done.
Nice stranger: Really?? Do you have a dress?
Me: [Hesitating to respond because I know what’s coming.]  . . . Yes . . . Yes, I do.
Nice Stranger: What does it look like??
Me: Oh, you know. Standard dress stuff. It’s gold. And covered in sequins.
Nice Stranger: [Trying to hide the look of horror and confusion in their eyes.] Ooooh! That’s . . . fun!  [Pause.] WHY didn’t you want a white one???

However, once everyone saw it, they were all very enthusiastic and complimentary. Let this be a lesson to you: never, EVER doubt sequins. They always come through. Visit to see more!



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